Legacy and Application

Dr. Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy

19th May 1920 (Hungary) – 28th Jan 2007 (Philadelphia)

The power of Contextual Therapy is still valid today, stronger than ever. We welcome all colleagues and students using the Contextual Approach and those inspired by it.

Organic growth is the most valuable improvement.
Make it your own stimulating new idea!
You are free to interpret Boszormenyi-Nagy’s theory.
How do we use it today?


Come and let’s work together!

Welcome to the 3rd ICCT Conference!
We hope that you will spend unforgettable days in Budapest at the conference (October 13-15).

The venue of the conference is the Gellért Hotel, which was built about the same time as Nagy’s birth.

I wish to build friendships alongside professional connections that further enhance contextual relationships!

Conference President
Leader of the Hungarian Family System Therapy Institution.


The conference is organized by the Hungarian Family-System-Therapy Institute.


The Institute has been operating since 2015. It trains family- system  therapists and provides psychotherapy.
The contextual approach is the guideline of its work.

Scientific program co-chairs – Tatiana GLEBOVA | Rashmi GANGAMMA

Organizer – Miklós WENCZL

Organizer of Romanian applicants
– György GÁSPÁR –gyorgy.gaspar@familysystemtherapy.org


The conference language is English-Hungarian.

We provide simultaneous interpretation in the plenary lecture hall. In smaller rooms an interpreter helps with translation.
Language Coordinator – Nick SOLYMOSI




What is ICCT?

ICCT – International Conference on Contextual Therapy gathers international speakers, practitioners, and scholars to exchange ideas and information on both contextual practice and theory.

First ICCT: 1997, Philadelphia-USA
Organized by Nagy’s colleagues and students

Second ICCT: 2018, Ede – Netherlands
Organized by the Dutch Institute of Contextual Approach

Third ICCT: 2021, Hungary – Budapest
Organized by the Hungarian Family-System Therapy Institute.


The 3rd Contextual Conference will be held on October 13-15, 2021.
We are delighted that this year marks the 100th birthday of Iván Böszörményi-Nagy, so we’ll be able to honor this as well.

The conference language is English-Hungarian.

We provide simultaneous interpretation in the plenary lecture hall. In smaller rooms an interpreter helps with translation.

Hotel Gellért Accommodation


Erdős Balázs

Mental Hygienist and Family System Therapist

Dr. Alvin Lander

Senior lecturer, School of Social Work Sapir college, Israel

Dr. Angster Mária

Pszichológus, klinikai gyermek szakpszichológus, pszichoterapeuta és a DGfS (Német Rendszerállítók Társaságának) által elismert családállító és kiképző

Catherine Ducommun- Nagy

M.D. Child and adult psychiatrist. Clinical Associate Professor Drexel University, Philadelphia

President of the Institute for Contextual Growth, Glenside PA

Sabine Bode Koeln

Journalist, the author of the “The Forgotten Generation” book from Germany

Cadmona A. Hall

Ph.D., LMFT, FT. Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Associate Professor, Adler University, USA

Dr Tarján Emőke

Pszichiáter, pszichoterapeuta, Család- Rendszer Terápiás Műhely vezetője

Iszlai Zoltán

Mentálhigiénés szakember, pszichodramatista, családterapeuta
család-rendszer terapeuta és kiképző

Dr Szemelyácz János

Intézetvezető főorvos, pszichiáter,pszichoterapeuta, addiktológus, az INDIT Közalapítvány szakmai vezetője

Hoffmann Kata

Krízisintervenciós tanácsadó szakpszichológus, színházterapeuta és családterapeuta jelölt

Official Conference Teaser 2.

Sunjung Cho

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Bea Palya

Hungarian folk and world music singer and songwriter.

Official Conference Teaser 1.

Dr. Janet Staufer

Rachel D Miller and Caitlin Swallow

Amittai Megged
from Israel

Head of the Differentiation and Worthiness Couples and Family Therapy Program

Réka Balázs and Adolf Papp

Family therapists and trainers at the “Pro nobis” Psychotherapy Center in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania

Marina Riemslagh Ph.D.

Founder and Trainer of Live The Connection , Belgium

Manijeh Daneshpour Ph.D.

Manijeh Daneshpour Ph.D. Holds couples and family therapy courses at Alliant International University in California, as a family therapist she applies her decades – long experience. The contextual approach helps her to advance toward important topics in multiculturalism, social justice, and third-wave feminism. At the conference, she will hold an exciting workshop on the experiences of her couples therapy work: how to build trust, mutual fairness in a relationship. Meet Manijeh through our interview!

Ofra Schaham Ph.D.

Ofra Schaham Ph.D. She teaches and trains psychotherapy at Tel Aviv University.She speaks with great enthusiasm about her meeting with Ivan Boszormenyi Nagy and the contextual approach. Her presentation at the conference will be about different forms of sibling relations. Please enjoy our interview with her.

Jaap Van Der Meiden Ph.D.

Jaap Van Der Meiden is a Contextual Therapist and the founder of the Institute Contextual Approach in Netherland. He is a member of the Research Group Youth and Family and he acquired his Phd with a research on the relevance and applicability of Contextual Therapy. Jaap is going to speak about teh strengthening connectedness in close relationships in October, but until then we have made an interview with an intention to get to know him and his experiences better!

Tatiana Glebova Ph.D.

Tatiana Glebova is Professor at Couple and Family Program, Alliant International University (USA) and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (California), AAMFT clinical member and approved supervisor. She learned about Contextual Therapy in 1998 and since then has been deepening her understanding of it. She believes that the contextual therapy ideas are critical to understanding and healing human relationships. Tatiana applies them in her clinical work, personal life as well as promotes them among her students.  Tatiana’s research interests are broad and include therapeutic process, adolescent issues, parenting and transgenerational trauma. She has numerous professional publications and presentations.

Mona Fishbane Ph.D.

Dr. Mona Fishbane is a highly respected professional who has integrated Boszormeny-Nagy’s contextual therapy with family therapy and neurobiology in her clinical work. She is a committed healer of intergenerational family wounds. The title of her presentation scheduled for the October ICCT conference is “Healing Intergenerational Wounds. A Contextual – Neurobiological Approach to Couple Therapy.” The interview with her discusses her work in couples therapy, the basic concepts of contextual therapy, and the significance of neurobiology. We are especially grateful to Mona for telling us about her faith, and also for sharing with us their painful intergenerational family wounds.

Douglas W.Schoeninger PhD

Douglas W.Schoeninger PhD, a clinical psychologist, is one of the keynote speakers at the ICCT conference. He is a contextual therapist, and worked with Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy and Barbara R. Krasner. He says they both had a big impact on his work and opened up a whole new universe for him. Dr. Schoeninger is a well-recognized professional with nearly 60 years of professional experience under his belt. It is an honor that we were able to interview him. We will share his thoughts and experiences with you soon. He tells us how his lifelong professional and friendly relationship with his esteemed mentor, Barbara Krasner, developed.







      Ofra Schaham



          Jaap Van der Meiden

            Catherine Ducommun-Nagy – Special Guest


              Ajili- Shams Baudet Guenievre

                Amittai Megged

                  Mária Angster

                    László Buda

                      Katalin Hoffmann

                        Bea Palya

                          Rachel D. Miller

                            Balázs Erdős

                              Stephanie Haxhe

                                Sophie Houben

                                  Marie-Christine de Saint Georges

                                    Catherine Lebrun

                                      János Szemelyácz

                                        Adolf Papp

                                          Alvin Lander

                                            CADMONA HALL

                                              Emőke Tarján

                                                JANET STAUFFER

                                                  Manijeh Daneshpour

                                                    Marina Riemslagh

                                                      Mercè Rived Ocaña

                                                        RASHMI GANGAMMA

                                                          Réka Balázs

                                                          Part-time Family Therapist and trainer at the ‘Pro Nobis’ Psychotherapy Center in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania

                                                            SABINE BODE

                                                              Sunjung Cho

                                                                Playback Theater

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                                                                    • Evening programs
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